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Witley Tableware


Enjoy eating outdoors with this stylish Witley picnic set designed by Olpro.  Covered with trees, tents and badgers, this is perfect for picnics, camping and other outdoor-eating opportunities.

Made from 100% melamine, this set is hardwearing and means less broken crockery when travelling.   It is dishwasher safe.

    The 2 Person set contains:
    • 2 x plates (25.5cm diameter)
    • 2 x plates (20cm diameter)
    • 2 x bowls (15.5cm diameter)
    • 2 x mugs (7.5cm diameter, 9.5cm tall)
     The 4 Person set contains:
    • 4 x plates (25.5cm diameter)
    • 4 x plates (20cm diameter)
    • 4 x bowls (15.5cm diameter)
    • 4 x mugs (7.5cm diameter, 9.5cm tall)

    Category: Tableware

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