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Petromax Loki - Camping Stove

Spark Arrester
Flue Adaptor

This is the perfect companion for those spending a night outdoors in a large tent, campervan or boat.  The Loki serves two functions - a great stove to cook on and a heater for your living space.  It packs away compactly so it's easy to transport. 

Great design & Portability

The camping stove and tent heater wins people over with its refined design and well thought-out construction.  It has steady supports and a five-part flue which fold in for easy transportation  it packs down to 52cm x 33cm x 33cm and weighs 12kgs (making it one of the lightest tent ovens on the market).

There is a circular cooking surface measuring 40cm x 25cm and the round cooking plate can be removed allowing you to cook on open flames (when the Loki is situated outside the tent).  

Adjustable heat options

The heat emitted from the Loki can be controlled by the volume of wood as well as vents which can adjust how quickly the wood burns.  Various tent flue adaptors are available - please select the relevant option above or contact us if you have any questions (

Safety First

We recommend always using the Loki with the optional spark arrester so that no burning particles can escape out of the top of the flue. The cylindrical metal grid is to be placed on the last flue part and soaring sparks or burning particles stop burning before they can cause damage to the tent or nature. The spark arrestor is especially useful when burning resinous types of wood which typically produce a lot of glowing particles.

Additional Information

Made from coated steel.
Measures (L x W x H) 55cm x 83.5cm x 241cm when fully assembled (including flue).
Transportation bag available separately.

What's in the box

1 x Instructions manual (German/English/French)
1 x Ash shelf
5 x Stovepipe
1 x Camping stove/ tent heater

Spark Arrester and Flue Adaptor if selected.



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