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Flexible BBQ Spatula

The flexible Spatula for Grills and Pans is ideal to turn over meat, fish and vegetables that are being grilled and fried. With the high-quality walnut handle, it rests particularly well in the hand. The brushed stainless steel blade tapers at its end, so that it is very steady, yet still flexible and not prone to breaking. The end of the blade is also suitable for scraping the bits stuck to the grill or the bottom of a pan or pot. The end of the handle has a hole for hanging it up and storing,

Additional Information

Overall length: 33cm
Flat blade length: 16.5cm
Sloped blade length: 5cm
Walnut handle length:  24cm
Blade width: 7.3cm

Weight (in kgs): 0.15


Collections: BBQ Accessories

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