Corner Outdoor Kitchens


Make use of every corner of your outdoor space with this corner configuration.  You can add as many segments on to each side as you'd like, and it forms a comfortable area in which to prepare food and enjoy a meal.  

It is available in a variety of heights.  The higher version allows for an additional upper shelf for further storage, as well as additional privacy if places along a fence line.


How much does one cost? 

We can provide a bespoke quotation upon request, but the layout examples below should provide you with guide prices for each of these configurations.  Our standard equipment bundle (included in the pricing below) consists of the concrete posts, panels and shelves, a Kamado Joe Classic II Standalone BBQ, delivery and VAT.  Big Green Egg grills are also available with these kitchens.

Further accessories are available (such as wooden boxes and hanging containers), but these are not included in the pricing below.  Please contact us so we can factor these in to your bundle deal if you would like them. 

Installation of the standard equipment bundle is typically just under £2,000.  Factors that may affect this include the ground conditions, ease of access to the site, the required configuration and your location within the UK.  We can provide a no obligation quote which you can request using the form on this page. 



How do I find out more? 

Please click here and complete the form on this page to contact us about your outdoor kitchen requirements.  We'll then get in touch to talk through these and other options with you before providing a no-obligation quotation.  


Example configuration options



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