The Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Setup

The Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Setup

Entertaining family and friends at your own home can be a big occasion requiring a lot of preparation, but what is the perfect outdoor entertaining setup? In this article, we will go through various ideas to help you create your own perfect garden space

Your Garden

First of all, what kind of entertaining do you do, and how big is your garden? Your outdoor setup will be completely different dependent on the size of your garden, and whether you mainly just entertain adults or families with children (or a mixture of both).

For a smaller garden with a relaxed atmosphere that will work for both adults and children, a simple decking or patio area, comfortable garden furniture and a BBQ could be a good option. Add a few solar lights for a nice, glowing effect when the night draws in too: you can get these in either standard, classic light shapes, or there are now some more quirky ones on the market that may mesmerise your little ones. Temporary structures such as a gazebo, canopy or just an umbrella are great for providing shelter, and are really effective at creating a sense of occasion. 

Garden Buildings

For larger gardens with a lot of open space, why not consider a more permanent structure like a Garden Room, Summerhouse or Studio? These buildings can be very versatile, from using them as a relaxation or dining area, to a games room or even a pool room, next to your swimming pool. Crane Garden Buildings, a family run timber buildings company based in Norfolk, have a wonderful range to choose from.

The Crane Garden Room with Veranda for example, offers a luxurious outdoor space that can be used all year round, and the addition of the veranda adds a lovely outdoor relaxation area as well.

Crane Garden Building - Veranda

Finishing Touches

A few extra finishing touches are always nice when it comes to your outdoor entertaining space: fairy lights, lanterns or solar lights are good for a bit of mood lighting as the sun goes down, and fire pits and braziers are perfect to help carry on the outside enjoyment, even when the temperature starts to drop. Games, music and hand food are all good to keep children entertained and occupied, and for adult enjoyment, a mini bar in the summerhouse or gazebo will help to keep the laughs flowing.

Outdoor entertainment, especially in the summer months, can be a wonderful thing, and there are so many different ways to enjoy it at its best. Hopefully the ideas above will help you to form your own perfect outdoor entertainment setup.

This is a guest post by Crane Garden Buildings.

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