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BBQ lighting: How to use lighting to illuminate outdoors parties

November 17, 2016

BBQ lighting: How to use lighting to illuminate outdoors parties

Although summer is long over and and now we are looking forward to indoors dinner parties rather than summer BBQs, it is never too early to start planning for your next BBQ season. And if you want your parties to stand out from the rest of them next summer, you might want to think about how to light your BBQs, because a success of a BBQ is not determined just by the food or drinks that are served, but also by the event’s ability to continue into the evening, when it gets dark outside and you need to rely on artificial lamps for light. So, since the great team over at LEDwatcher are experts in lighting, they have provided some top tips and tricks for BBQ lighting and how to properly use lights for outdoors events.

Ambient lighting is key

One of the main things to remember, when you are planning the BBQ, is to provide ambient lighting for when it gets dark outside. Ambient light is the light that is used as background light and that will provide general illumination for your space, and what better way to light your BBQ than to use some simple lights. The great thing about ambient light and outdoors parties is you don’t have to have much of it for it to be enough, since your eyes will quickly adjust to the darker setting as the sun goes down. So put up some string lights in your garden and around other outdoors areas your guests will be hanging out in and you should be fine. You can also go for something like paper lanterns or hurricane lanterns in the areas that need a little more light, like around the tables or in the play area for kids.  That way you can ensure that your guests see what they are doing, but still can enjoy the nice atmosphere that lanterns and string lights bring.

Think about the light bulbs

Then also you should really think of the light bulbs that you use with the BBQ lighting, since those will ultimately determine how bright your lighting will be and how well your guests will be able to see. Your best bet will probably be LED light bulbs, especially for outdoors lamps, since LED bulbs are not only very energy-efficient and give out bright light, but also are more durable against different weather conditions that a summer night might throw at you. Moreover, LED bulbs also are cool to touch, which means that they can even be placed at eye level or even on the ground and you won’t have to worry about your children accidentally touching them and burning themselves. And since nowadays LED bulbs are available in many different sizes as well as colors, you can not only tailor them to your lamps, but also use hem to create special, colorful atmosphere for your party, for example, by using red, white and blue colored bulbs for a Fourth of July party or red, green, yellow or other colorful bulbs to light the kids corner of your BBQ.

Safety first

And lastly, even if you have set up an epic lighting for your next BBQ, you need to take a minute and make sure that there aren’t any dangerous extension cords lying around, that people can trip over.  Evening means dark, and even if there is enough ambient light to light up the general areas of the space where you are holding your party, there might be some corners or certain parts of the space that are still dark and potentially dangerous. So make sure you secure the lighting cords either to the ground or to other structures, so there is no way they can lead to someone hurting themselves because of them. Also, if your BBQ involves a pool or even just kids, who are prone to using water guns to entertain themselves, make sure that the water doesn’t touch the extension cords and outlets, since we all know that water and electricity don’t mix.


And here you have it, three simple tips on how to use lighting to elevate your next BBQ or outdoors party from average to spectacular. It won’t take much effort or much money, but it will be something special that your guests will appreciate and remember for a long time.

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