Top Tips for Camping with Kids

March 20, 2016

Top Tips for Camping with Kids

Kids love the outdoors and a few nights under the stars is an adventure they will relish!  On first thoughts, this may sound less relaxing for you, but it can be a lot of fun for everyone!  Here are our top tips for a stress-free camping trip with kids:

  1. The car journey to the campsite is where the adventure starts!  The chorus of "are we nearly there yet" will soon start to ring out and, whilst it will be tempting to turn up the radio to drown it out, talk to the kids about where you are going to camp.  Are there any local attractions or historical sites in the area?  The car journey is a good opportunity to start building their excitement and knowledge of the area.
  2. Once you have found your pitch, get the kids to help pitching the tent and getting your area ready.  Whether they are responsible for colour-matching the poles, collecting wood or banging in the tent pegs, they will love being helpful and will likely learn a few things along the way!
  3. Prepare some rainy day activities or games in case the heavens open or to help the kids wind down before bed.  Check out our printable activity and colouring sheets here.  Board games, cards and even portable consoles are good to have on hand. 
  4. Plan some activities for during the day.  You'll likely be out and about exploring the local area, but there will be short periods during the day when you can enjoy some outdoor activities at the campsite.  Here are some of our suggestions.
  5. Getting practical for a moment, it's a good idea to pack a bottle of hand sanitiser, a couple of packets of wet wipes and some large bottles of water to keep in the tent.  Pack a couple of changes of clothes for the kids per day you are away as they are likely to get grubby.  A few bin bags are handy to keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones. 
  6. Take this opportunity to teach them about the Countryside Code as well as some basic camping etiquette.  Things like not running through other people's campsites or making too much noise early in the morning will help to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable and you'll spend less time having to apologise if your kids start loitering around your neighbours bbq!
  7. Get the kids involved in preparing and cooking the food if you are allowed a campfire or fire pit to cook your own meals on.  As you'll be outdoors, it's a great opportunity for kids to get stuck in without having to worry about them making a mess! 
  8. Have fun!  It's meant to be a holiday after all!  Don't worry too much if the kids are up late due to a marshmallow sugar-rush, they will hopefully sleep in a bit in the morning rather than be up at dawn!

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Photo credit: Regatta, featured tent is the Cocoon 4 person tent.  

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