10 Reasons to Buy the Halo CoolTouch BBQ

July 03, 2018

10 Reasons to Buy the Halo CoolTouch BBQ

The Halo CoolTouch is a unique BBQ in so many ways.  It looks great and performs brilliantly.  Here are our top 10 reasons to buy one:


1. Exceptional design

With its sleek curves and unique design features, we challenge you to find a better looking barbeque.

2. It cooks brilliantly

Halo flattens out the heat curve and cooks for several times longer.

3. It's very efficient

No other barbeque extracts more energy from less fuel.

4. It's very exclusive

Configure your own colour combination.  Contact us for more information (contact@feelingoutdoorsy.com)!

5. Each is unique

Every Halo has a date of birth and a serial number.

6. It's cutting edge

    Cut by lasers, polished and painted by hand. The best of both worlds.

    7. It has great safety features

    No other barbeque puts the safety of your family and friends first. The unique design and materials mean the outside of the BBQ remains at around 37 degrees Celsius, cooler than any other BBQ on the market. Fire up and relax.

    8. It's the most hygenic

      Marine grade stainless steel or chromed grill plates – no rusty bits here.  It is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

      9. Longevity - for living and for life

        Top-grade materials means the Halo will outlast you!

        10. Designed and made in Britain

        The Halo Cooltouch does its bit to kindle the UK’s great manufacturing sector.

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