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Top 10 Outdoorsy Christmas Gift Ideas

November 17, 2018

Top 10 Outdoorsy Christmas Gift Ideas

Still struggling to find the perfect gift for the outdoorsy person in your life?  We've put together our top 10 gift ideas for those who love to cook and spend time in the great outdoors.

    1. The Ozpig Stove

      This popular stove is great for use in the garden and to take with you to the campsite.  Its legs and chimney can be packed up inside the wood burner so it's easy to transport.  Our customers use this everywhere, from their sheds and decking at home, to their bell tents on the glamping site.  The flat cooking surface above the wood burner allow you to cook directly on the iron plate (frying or grilling) or to boil a kettle or have a casserole simmering away.

        2. Garden Party Basket

          This circular wicker basket is perfect for carrying bottles of champagne in the centre pocket and glasses around the outside.  Great for handing out drinks at your garden party in the summer!

            3. Netherton Foundry Prospector Pan

              New to the Feeling Outdoorsy shop, this exceptional pan is great for frying up a hearty meal over the open fire or on the BBQ.  The Netherton Foundry is based in Shropshire, UK and produces a stunning range of high quality cast and spun iron cookware that are delightful to use, and we are delighted to bring to our customers.

                4. Tolly McRae Picnic Blanket

                  Very popular throughout the year, these luxurious lambswool blankets woven in the UK are perfect in summer for picnics and in winter to wrap up warm on cold evenings.  They come with an optional leather carry strap for easy carrying.  A range of colours are available.

                    5. Fornetto 4-Piece Pizza Tool Kit

                      This premium Fornetto kit is perfect for those who love to cook pizza!  It comprises of the pizza cutter, fire poker, cleaning brush/pizza stone scraper and the pizza spatula.  Look the part, and have al the tools you need to serve great pizza outdoors!

                        6. Feeling Outdoorsy Luxury Hamper

                          A classic hamper for those who love to picnic.  This is our luxury hamper (available to serve 2 and 4 people) and includes stainless steel cutlery, china plates, napkins, cups, wine glasses, removable cooler bag, stainless steel flask, salt and pepper pots, bottle opener, bottle sleeve and a picnic blanket.  It is luxuriously appointed and finished to an extremely high quality.

                            7. Petromax Flexible Spatula

                              This is a great BBQ accessory and is ideal for flipping meat, fish and vegetables that are being grilled and fried. With the high-quality walnut handle, it rests particularly well in the hand. The brushed stainless steel blade tapers at its end, so that it is very steady, yet still flexible – a joy to use

                              8. Long-handled BBQ Tongs

                                These BBQ tongs are made of brushed, stainless steel with a fine wooden handle are an indispensable utensil for grilling and cooking outdoors. The curved head makes it easy to grasping and place food, coal and briquettes as desired. The locking mechanism saves space when storing them after use. 

                                Long-handled BBQ Tongs

                                  9. Kinto Festa Picnic Wine Glasses

                                    Kinto's set of 4 Festa Wine Glasses are perfect for picnics and entertaining outdoors.  They have different coloured bases (red, orange, yellow and green) so guests can keep track of their glass! 

                                    Made of light and durable plastic, they are designed in two pieces, which means they can easily be separated and stacked compactly in a picnic hamper, taking up minimal storage space.  Both parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

                                    Kinto Picnic Wine Glasses

                                      10. Campfire Popcorn Popper

                                        Great for preparing campfire snacks, this popper basket can be used over an open fire to make fresh popcorn in the great outdoors.  Very popular with the kids! It can be disassembled for easy transportation.

                                        Campfire Popcorn Popper

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