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Gardening Top Tips: July

July 08, 2016

Gardening Top Tips: July

With the weather getting warmer and plenty of rain, the vegetation in the garden will be growing quickly.  Here are our top tips to keep the garden looking in tip top condition this month:

  1. Water tubs and pots daily, particularly in the hot weather, so they don't dry out.

  2. Deadhead bedding plants and repeat-flowering perennials.  This will encourage them to produce more flowers. 

  3. Place plants usually kept inside (e.g. in the conservatory) outside now the weather has warmed up.

  4. Clear algae, weeds (especially blanket weed) and debris from ponds.  Keep water levels topped up.  Check for yellowing waterlilies and remove them before they start to decompose in the pond.

  5. Feed the lawn to keep it green and healthy.  You may want to consider raising your lawn mower blade slightly to allow slightly longer grass which will help it retain more water when the weather is hot and dry.  Water if necessary (if there is no hosepipe ban) but it will green-up again when the rain comes.  Mow once per week, don't over-mow in particularly dry spells.

  6. With reduced rainfall during the summer months, give any woodwork (fences, sheds etc) a fresh coat of paint or wood preserver.

  7. Sow veg such as carrots, beetroot, lettuce, runner beans, spinach and radishes.

  8. Harvest vegetable crops regularly.  The more you harvest the more they will produce.

  9. Ensure there is a circle of clear earth around trees and shrubs plants in grassy areas to allow moisture to seep through.  Add mulch or bark to keep it clear and reduce moisture loss.

  10. If you are looking to increase your strawberry harvest next year, propagate your own from the runners that the plants are sending out at this time of year.  Once planted, they should provide you with additional strawberries next year.

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