Building a Campfire

Building a campfire

It may be hot by day over the summer, but evenings and nights can be chilly!  Here are few ideas for how to construct the perfect campfire to keep you warm and to cook on.


Teepee Campfire



Make a pile of kindling, lean sticks against it to form a teepee shape. You can press the sticks in to the ground to provide additional stability to the structure.  Once lit it will collapse at some point, but by then the fire should be well established and you can place additional larger logs on the pile.


This is a great way to get a strong fire quickly.  The tall structure takes advantage of the flames from the kindling rising, allowing more of the sticks to be exposed to the flames and therefore the fire will establish itself faster. 


Cabin Campfire


Make a pile of kindling and build up a square "cabin" around it with larger sticks and twigs.  Once lit, the kindling will set fire to the outer wood, which can continue to be built up in the same way to maintain the fire.


It not only looks great, but also allows a steady flow of air through the wood to help keep it alight.



"Swedish" Log Candle


Take a thicker log and stand it on one end.  Saw down vertically to divide the log in to four or eight segments.  You can either stop before you saw through the base of the log to ensure a stable fire, or split the log completely and then bring the pieces back together leaving a small gap between each.  Drop kindling and/or an accelerant down in to the centre point in the middle of the log and light.  The fire will build, using the cut sides of each segment as kindling to become established. 


It looks great and will burn for a long time.  If the base of the log remains intact, you can place a saucepan or kettle on top of the log to cook with.

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